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Creating an engaging video to take to market is an increasingly important part of a successful marketing campaign. With 80% of the information viewed on the internet coming in video form, it is mandatory that marketers learn to incorporate video into their everyday plans.

Without video included into marketing efforts, an untapped market is just waiting for your competition to tap into the potential.

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During this one day marketing workshop, we will cover how to create a professional digital marketing video, and walk through step by step how to be successful in your video marketing endeavors. This workshop is for all levels – and beginners are encouraged to attend!

Don’t worry about being a professional videographer, we will take you through step by step instructions on how to create an engaging video that will leave audiences with an amazing connection with you and your business. We will cover different tools you can use for the creation of a corporate video, including how to shoot professional style film with your smart phone, how to edit the video to get it ready for production, and how to present the video to ensure people will want to view the film in its entirety.

Creating a professional corporate video production in London isn’t just for professionals any longer – we will show you how to create professional video on your own with ease.

Date and Time

Thursday, November 2nd, 2017
10AM – 16:00 GMT


The Digital and Social Media Academy
United Kingdom



The Digital and Social Media Academy
London, United Kingdom